4 Warning Signs of a Weak Immune System

The immune system is an extremely intelligent and important part of our body, it helps us fight off any foreign particles which may have invaded the body, its the body's main defense mechanism against infections, illness, and disease.

However, if you notice that you may be getting sick every now and then even if its a something small like a cough or cold, its time to address the signs that you might have a weak immune system

1) Getting sick from a common cold

Have you noticed that you might have a cold then you recover and get infected again not long after your last time Its common for an adult to have a cold from various reasons, whether from a virus or staying out in the rain. Although if its recurring theme its a sign that your immune system might be having a hard time functioning efficiently.

2) The recovery period is long

Whenever we get a cut or get injured, the body's reaction to it is to cut off blood supply to the affected area and send immune cells to repair and heal the portion which is inflamed, However, When the immune system is hampered, cuts, wounds, and injuries takes longer to heal than an average person.

3) Chronic Stress

When we are stressed about something whether its work, relationship, financial troubles, the body elevates a hormone knows as cortisol. Acute stress is not a bad thing, but when you are constantly stressed over time with elevated cortisol, it leads to other disparities in the body, such as decreased lymphocytes, which are the immune cells needed to fight off any infections or illness in the body. Which is why emotional health is one of the important factors for stable health.

4) Digestive issues

In our small intestine, there are good bacteria that consist of most of our immune cells helping to keep any toxins out of our system. If the immune system is not working at its 100%, you 'll eventually experience recurring digestive problems, such as constipation, diarrhea, bloating, etc. when the immune cells are not working efficiently in the gut lining, it could also expose risks to inflammation.

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